Contact Ms. Michelle Mike, Director of Preschool & After School Care, for more information.

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Goals and Expectations: The goals of our preschool program are to develop social and interpersonal skills to enable preschool children to communicate effectively with their peers and function successfully in a school setting.  Our preschool program provides social competence activities to foster strong relationship with peers, facilitating the strong connection between social competence and the ability for children to follow directions, maintain an attention span, and listen effectively.

Religion:  The religion instruction for our preschool is to build a Christian foundation in how we treat each other.  Preschool students attend all school Mass every Thursday morning and learn about God and his many gifts through the “Seeds” liturgical based weekly booklets.

Instructional Strategies: There are a variety of instructional strategies used at the preschool level including the following:

  • Content focused centers

  • Small group instruction

  • Role playing

  • Songs and Movement

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Special Areas: Computer, Spanish, Music, Art, Library, PE

  • Brave Buddies – relationship building

  • Field Trips – Hubers Farm, Derby Museum, and Main Library

Preschool Faculty & Staff:
Ms. Michelle Mike — Director of Preschool & After School Care
Ms. Ashley Becker — Lead 3 Year Old Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Sandy Shroyer — Lead 4 Year Old Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Becky Carney — Preschool Assistant
Mrs. Vicki Polio — Preschool Assistant

For more information about our Preschool Program and Enrollment, please contact Ms. Michelle Mike at 502-267-6633 or