Pastor’s Message


The fundamental purpose of a Catholic School is to nurture and develop faith in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Catholic tradition.  While those of denominations other than Catholicism are welcome and certainly their faith will be strengthened as well through a Catholic Education, the Catholic faith is taught and practiced here at St. Edward School.  Authentic faith has an intellectual formation component, a personal, heart-felt response and bond with God and others, as well as an understanding of the essential need for service to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Formal instruction through religion classes is the expectation of all students here at St. Edward.  The human person cannot simply have an emotional understanding of God, but rather the full understanding of the God requires study and contemplation in an academic setting.

The natural response of faith is wonder and awe, most fully expressed in prayer and thanksgiving.  Therefore, worship is the primary human response to the presence of God in our lives.  Students at St. Edward attend Mass weekly, along with special prayer services throughout the year.  Daily prayer is the beginning and ending of our day together.  All are encouraged to fulfill their Sunday Sabbath obligation by attending church as well.

Far from an individualistic understanding of salvation, the Catholic tradition requires everyone to go outside of him or herself in service.  This is not simply the satisfaction of a goal to be a good person, but to become a fundamental instrument of building a world of peace and justice as the Lord intends.

As we strive to welcome, love, and serve others, we also seek to form students in order to prepare them for the challenges of high school and the years of service that will be required of them as faithful Christians.